The Advantages of Including a Pond in a Healing or Meditative Garden

Spending time in one’s own healing or meditative garden with a pond can feel very tranquil and therapeutic. A variety of features can be included, depending on the person’s preferences. Certain kinds of fragrant plants, wind chimes and rock gardens are possibilities. The water should have pond aerators and fountains that prevent it from becoming stagnant and also that provide relaxing sounds.

A Peaceful Setting

Sitting by the pond will reduce stress and calm anxiety. Soaking up the sights and sounds makes a person feel better when dealing with mild depression. It’s a peaceful setting that is soothing and creates a suitable environment for reading, contemplation and connecting with God or the universe.

Healthy Effects

Just viewing this kind of landscape feature from inside the house can reduce blood pressure and have other healthy effects. Research has found that patients in hospitals recover more quickly when they can view a natural landscape instead of just concrete and asphalt from their room.

Aeration Equipment

A fountain or another kind of aerating equipment from a supplier such as Living Water Aeration is important for several reasons. It adds oxygen to the water in the form of bubbles, which is essential if fish or other aquatic creatures will be living there. It keeps the water temperature fairly even throughout the pond instead of the top being warm and the bottom being cold.

Both of those effects also are beneficial for friendly bacteria living along the bottom of the pond. These aerobic, or oxygen-using, bacteria consume and break down organic debris without causing unpleasant odors. In contrast, anaerobic bacteria create sulfur-like odors when they break down that debris. That’s a common unpleasant smell in muddy areas along marshes.

An Environmentally Friendly Feature

It’s good to know that although having a pond constructed requires a great deal of water at first, it will need much less added afterward as compared with watering lawn grass that would have been there instead. In addition, birds will be attracted to the pond for a source of drinking water. They might catch bugs along the surface and occasionally take a bath. All of these aspects make the pond an environmentally friendly yard feature.

Basking in the Serenity

Basking in the serenity of the healing garden helps the person to feel that something almost magical is taking place there. Listening to the fountain or the bubbling sounds from other aeration equipment is reminiscent of sitting by a stream or a small, light waterfall. To find out more about this equipment, visit the website